Old Weather Radio Technology Still Most Trusted for Tracking Monsoons:

Weather Radio is the steady stream of rough messages broadcast 24/7 and picked up by your favorite radio stations when the weather turns. They're a nearly daily occurrence in Arizona right now, warning of flash flooding in Douglas, winds in Tucson, and severe storms just outside Phoenix. This recent broadcast in Nogales warned people to move to th... [continue]

Saturday, 22nd July 2017

Amateur Radio Clubs Monitor Weather, Events:

(TNS) -- Specialized technology and code names may sound like elements of a spy movie; but they are also tools used by members of amateur radio clubs. "We're the most anonymous organization you're going to find," said McPherson Amateur Radio Club member Richard Johnson. "Most people have no idea what we do or how we do it." The Newton Amateur Radi... [continue]

Amateur Radio Association Keeping 'The Other Wireless' Alive:

WASILLA -- The Matanuska Amateur Radio Association is a general interest amateur radio club with approximately 100 members. You may not see them, but if you have a scanner, chances are you've heard them. According to MARA secretary Tabitha Sherman, the group is comprised of folks from every walk of life with at least one thing in common, the love ... [continue]

Is Our Sun Slowing Down in Its Middle Age?

The Sun has changed its figure, researchers say, and might keep it that way. The structure of the Sun's surface, where sunspots live, appears to have changed markedly 23 years ago. That's when solar magnetic activity might have started slowing down, Rachel Howe (University of Birmingham, UK, and Aarhaus University, Denmark) and collaborators specu... [continue]

Foundations of Amateur Radio -- #111:

For the most part of my Amateur Radio life I've been an active contester. I have spoken about why I love contesting and why I think it's an important aspect of this amazing hobby. Today I want to talk about how contests are run, specifically how complaints are handled and how we could improve.

WB6RQN Flight Over Pacific Continues After Engine Problem

Brian Lloyd WB6RQN / Aeronautical Mobile continues the Project Amelia Earhart 80th Anniversary Flight round-the-world this week. He will be active 21-30 July on ham radio HF frequencies while in flight over the Pacific Ocean, stopping at several islands. As a tribute to the Earhart flight, Brian will drop flower leis as he overflies Howland Island.... [continue]

Propagation Forecast Bulletin #29 de K7RA:

Average daily sunspot number this week declined just 1.7 to 26.6, even though there were two days in the reporting week with no sunspots, July 18 and 19. The blank sun condition continued at least one more day on Thursday, July 20 which lands it on the first day of the next reporting week, July 20 to 26.

T40HQ: a symbol of unity

By xavian2016 Without a doubt, there aren’t many opportunities that are as special when it comes to sharing efforts behind a common objective as in a “headquarters” station. The fact of operating being kilometers apart one from the other but with the same callsign and purpose gives this category of the “IARU” a different and unique flavor... [continue]

ARISS Posts Descriptions of SSTV Images Transmitted from ISS

ISS Ham Radio Coordinator Kenneth Ransom, N5VHO, has assembled an array and quick description of images being sent from the ISS on SSTV. The ARISS SSTV Gallery contains received images. Keep up with ARISS SSTV progress by visiting the SSTV mission blog and the Frequently Asked Questions page.The ARISS SSTV page also lets you submit SSTV reception r... [continue]

Friday, 21st July 2017

Clean up your RV ham station | MFJ-915 Isolator review K6UDA Radio Episode 57

My wife has constantly complained about all the ham radio gear (in her eyes) I have strewn about the motorhome. This time I'm bringing in a female ham to confirm or refute that point of view. Wendy & I discuss what's appropriate in my Motorhome; Elecraft KX3 line or the Icom IC7300. I'm also making some contacts with the new Icom IC... [continue]

K2BSA is active from the BSA National Jamboree 2017

Amateur radio has been a part of the Jamboree experience since at least 1953 when K6BSA was in operation from Irvine Ranch in California. This was followed by K3BSA in 1957 and 1964 at Valley Forge, KØBSA in 1960 from Colorado Springs, K7WSJ at the 1967 World Scout Jamboree in Idaho, KF7BSA in 1969 from Idaho, and KJ3BSA in Moraine State Park and ... [continue]

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2073 for Friday, July 21, 2017

Hawaii homeless ham still finds time to work the world QRP

RepeaterBook - A FREE Online Repeater Directory - ETH078

Many Special Events Will Be on the Air to Mark the Total Solar Eclipse in August

The K7RA Solar Update

Why on earth does the RSGB need a Strategy? Why don’t you just ‘get on with it’?

YOTA flag handed to the RSGB

Ofcom licensing portal downtime

New 23cm IARU Region 1 record claimed

Also in GB2RS this week…

Ham's Round-the-World Flight to Resume Following Emergency Return to New Zealand

DX News – 23 July 2017

Special Events News – 23 July 2017

Contest News – 23 July 2017

Propagation News – 23 July 2017


Sunday, 3rd May 2015

Ankur Puranik Ham Radio IBN Lokmat

How hams of Disaster Amateur Radio Emergency Services set up a direct communication like between Mantralaya in Mumbai with disaster affected Nepal. We helped resolve many cases. For more ...



Saturday, 22nd July 2017

Mercer County Radio Club to host picnic

The Mercer County Amateur Radio Club will host a picnic for ham radio operators from Mercer County at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the Amateur radio ...

Distracted-driving law takes effect Sunday

Two-way radios, citizens band radio or amateur radio equipment are not part of the law's scope. Hands-free use through a wireless transmitter ...

Bulletin Board

Pelican Bay Amateur Radio Club meets on the airwaves to test signals. Radio operators can tune in at 6:45 p.m. on 147.25 +/88.5 — Curry Emergency ...

Joining the 'CERT' team

They also coordinate with amateur radio operators, also called HAM radio, for efficient communications. In a disaster situation radio space is often tied ...

For Fiestas de Taos, a mix of excitement, caution

We contract with the [Taos County] Sheriff's [Office], and we have the ham radio operators with the Taos Amateur Radio Club serving as extra eyes and ...



DL2IAJ7151.0 DA0CW/P 0834DA
OZ5AGJ50313.0 LA5JK 0829LA
DK5FX14044.0 UA0ACG 0829UA0
LZ1AEY18102.0 UT5XR 0829UT
ES0IA50143.0 G1EZF 0829G
PA2LO14230.0 A25JK 0828A2
IU2EBO7140.0 II2VALT 0828I
W1UU7074.0 5W1SA 08285W
G7SKR70018.0 OH2FOUR/B 0828OH2
OE4MXB18145.0 8Q7PW 08278Q
ON4PS70170.0 OH6DD 0827OH6
EA5BZ24901.0 YT9M 0827YT
DK0MM144290.0 IV3GTH 0827I
G4KVT70063.0 LA2VHF/B 0826LA
F1MZQ144300.0 S50C 0826S5
OF3BCX70177.5 EI3IO 0826EI
US5IPH28518.0 R13MAKS 0826R1
OK1VEI7135.0 OK1DOY/P 0826OK
PB5X14220.0 A71FJ 0826A7
HA5TI7018.0 HG17WWW 0826HG


HF spots from EU
HF spots from NA
HF spots from AS



Solar Flux: 69, A-index: 14
No space weather storms are predicted for the next 24 hours.
Report issued 2017 Jul 22 0605 UTC

DateSun SpotsFluxGoes
Jul 22, 2017069 A4.8
Jul 21, 2017069 A8.8
Jul 20, 2017073 B1.5
Jul 19, 2017073 B2.4
Jul 18, 20171378 B2.0
Jul 17, 20172686 B2.1
Jul 16, 20173487 B1.9
Jul 15, 20175892 B5.6
Jul 14, 20175594 B1.4
Jul 13, 20174392 B1.6
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