Icom Releases New HT -- ID-31A Plus 5W UHF D-STAR Transceiver

Today Icom America released the ID-31A Plus. The familiar ID-31A is back with the enhancements introduced with the ID-51A PLUS 2, for the ham who wants to get into... Icom Releases New HT -- ID-31A Plus 5W UHF D-STAR Transceiver... [continue]

Tuesday, 12th December 2017

Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks This Week

I hope this gets posted up on QRZ news in time ... "2017 will be an exceptional year" [https:]] Some associated links below. Kirk NTØZ wrote a good primer on regional DX'ing via "Space Rocks", although it perhaps predates and doesn't mention the advent of WSJT digital modes specifically engineered for scatter pr... [continue]

Christmas 2017 Giveaway:9% off rs oldschool gold on Rsorder Until Dec.13

A little bit different compared to Finland, said Juuso Valimaki, the Flames runescape 2007 gold 16th overall pick at the 2017 NHL Draft. I was playing there and it was a normal regular season game, there were less fans than there was (Friday). Game was a secondary storyline in the grand scheme of things.As a captain, I never had to worry about Hayl... [continue]

Ham Talk Live! Episode 93 - Holiday Gift Ideas and Pearl Harbor Special Event with W0QH

This week on Ham Talk Live!, you'll have a chance to call in to talk to the chief engineer at RadioWavz antennas, Emmett Hohensee III, W0QH. We’ll be talking about some holiday gift ideas, and also one of his antenna installation trips… the Pearl Harbor Special Event on the USS Batfish. Tune into Ham Talk Live! Thursday night at 9 pm Easte... [continue]

South African Radio League to Host 2018 YOTA Camp - ARRL

South African Radio League to Host 2018 YOTA CampARRLThe South African Radio League (SARL) will host the 2018 Youngsters on the Air (YOTA) Summer Camp — although in this case, it will become the “YOTA Winter Camp,” as it's being held in the Southern Hemisphere. The International Amateur Radio Union ...... [continue]

Radio Anniversaries Abound in December - ARRL

ARRLRadio Anniversaries Abound in DecemberARRLIn 1921, ARRL sponsored two series of transatlantic tests to see if signals from previously qualified Amateur Radio stations could be heard at a receiving station in Ardrossan, Scotland. The second series succeeded, with several ham stations heard on ...... [continue]

Radio Anniversaries Abound in December

South African Radio League to Host 2018 YOTA Camp

Goldfarb Scholarship Winner Accepts “Amazing Opportunity” to Intern for NASA

The 2015 recipient of the prestigious William R. Goldfarb Memorial Scholarship, Jacob Nunez-Kearney, KF7DSY, of Mesa, Arizona, will interrupt his matriculation at Purdue University to accept an internship this spring at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.“This is an amazing opportunity that has been many years in the making that I have deci... [continue]

Ham Radio volunteers active for California wildfires

The ARRL reports the massive and barely contained Thomas Fire in Southern California has consumed more than 230,500 acres, and the emergency has caused residents in fire-threatened areas to evacuate

A 'Rock Comet' is approaching Earth

You've heard of comets. But have you ever heard of a rock comet? They exist, and a big one is approaching Earth this week

5B4, Cyprus special event

Benin DXpedition

GEO Quarterly magazine available for download

EURAO Party - Autumn 2017: FT8, a brand new mode

NanoRacks ends external cargo ship satellite deployment mission

Amateur Radio Enthusiast Called in to Join Hunt for Space Teddy:

Amateur Radio Roundtable:

Amateur Radio Roundtable: -

Citizen Weather Observer Program (and Improving it) on HamRadioNow

Amateur Radio Volunteers Active in Latest Round of California Wildfires

ICQ Podcast - The Art of De-Soldering - Southgate Amateur Radio Club

Tri-State Native's Hobby Provides Potential Lifeline in Times of Need:

Tapping Into a Ham Radio's Potential with SDRPlay:

Emergency communications activation in Slovenia

96th anniversary of 1st transatlantic shortwave transmission


Sunday, 3rd May 2015

Ankur Puranik Ham Radio IBN Lokmat

How hams of Disaster Amateur Radio Emergency Services set up a direct communication like between Mantralaya in Mumbai with disaster affected Nepal. We helped resolve many cases. For more ...



Tuesday, 12th December 2017

Do you need a landline for emergencies?

An amateur radio device Don't want to rely on a telephone? There's always the radio. (Photo: Aubord Dulac/Shutterstock). In the event that you can't get a copper-wired phone, or you're not fully convinced by the battery back-up, there are a few other communication options available to you. 1. Satellite ...

John Quiram

Mr. Quiram was a former pilot and held an extra class amateur radio operator's license through which his call sign was W9JQ. He was also a 40-plus-year member of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association. John also enjoyed playing with the Atlanta Community Band for many years. Memorial ...

Monday, 11th December 2017


In addition to his parents he is preceded in death by his wife, Virginia Housman and brother, Robert Housman. Jack was a member of the United States Army serving in WWII and the Korean Conflict. He was an amateur radio operator, general class operator and a member of the TCARA. He worked for ...

Day: December 10, 2017

When troubleshooting circuits it's handy to have an oscilloscope around, but often we aren't in a lab setting with all of our fancy, expensive tools at our disposal. Luckily the price of some basic oscilloscopes has dropped considerably in the past several years, but if you want to roll out your own solution to ...

Missing on Waiheke Island: Amateur radio enthusiast called in to join hunt for Space Teddy

An amateur radio expert has been called in to help search for Space Teddy who has become lost on Waiheke Island after his latest attempt to set a new world record failed. The weather conditions were perfect for students at Forrest Hill Primary to launch their fluffy would-be astronaut, dubbed Space ...



KD4ESV50008.0 HI8W/B 2059HI
DF5VAE144359.0 YO5TP 2059YO
KI4ECU14277.0 KC9RF 2059KC9
EB5AG3573.0 EG5ERC 2058EG
CT2HFZ7043.0 G6BFP 2058G
LA6XI7030.0 Z35M/QRP 2058Z3
I8YAV7013.0 OJ9X 2058OJ9
DF4IY3510.5 HA2PP 2058HA
YU1ED3770.0 YT17YOTA 2057YT
VK2SS10136.0 GM0OBX 2057GM
WR2G14085.3 FM1AG 2057FM
N6MMA14265.0 W0PHX 2057W0
R9AZ7098.0 RK6ANC 2057RK6
N1SZ14033.0 OJ9X 2057OJ9
LY1NM7020.0 RA4HX 2056RA4
ON7PQ1810.0 EX8M 2056EX
PY1NP7013.0 OJ9X 2056OJ9
UT8AL144320.0 DJ9YE 2056DJ
ON3EDG50281.0 SM7FJE 2056SM
OK1TEH432230.0 DK1PZ 2056DK


HF spots from EU
HF spots from NA
HF spots from AS



Solar Flux: 72, A-index: 10
No space weather storms are predicted for the next 24 hours.
Report issued 2017 Dec 12 1805 UTC

DateSun SpotsFluxGoes
Dec 12, 20171372 A4.3
Dec 11, 20171172 A4.5
Dec 10, 2017072 A3.7
Dec 09, 2017071 A3.3
Dec 08, 20171170 A3.5
Dec 07, 20171368 A3.3
Dec 06, 2017068 A3.1
Dec 05, 2017068 A3.1
Dec 04, 2017068 A3.4
Dec 03, 2017070 A3.8
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